Cypriot born, Visual Artist (based in the UK) specialising in Oil Painting and Graphite Illustration.

          The intrinsic purpose of my art is producing works which are triggered into existence by studying people living in the modern world, and the effects of current state of affairs upon their lives. I depict megapolitan characters; drifting in and amongst the flowing tides of faces; sketching their figures upon sheets of drawing paper concealed in between the pages of a tabloid as I venture through streets, cafes and alleyways, capturing sights which in effect, capture me. Each of my subjects has a story to tell, and I see my mission as an artist to place their personalities and narratives upon the canvas, and to give them a voice of their past, present and future.

          The source of my artistic influences stems from the diverse and substantial cultural history of European visual arts, coupled with the distinctive, wide-ranging, historical roots of Cypriot creative traditions, which inspire me to form inimitable and solicitous works. 

          I produce exclusive paintings and illustrations for private collections, as well as deliver art projects for corporate and individual clients. My works have been published in national newspapers and books. I have worked alongside authors, play writers, editors and theatre companies, from the conception of projects, leading the design, development and implementation of creative strategies, and providing the body of artworks which comprised of illustrations, paintings, plastic arts and textile designs.

                    Hun Adamoğlu        



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